Thursday, 7 January 2010


My life's a dream, my dream's alive,
I wanna live it now... so let me be.

I knew you back then, I know you right now, would you please let the sky fall over us?

Because there's something about these people that crosses me every time, day and years.
I'm getting tired, but not of you, I'm getting tired by the people I know, wanna expand me across the universe, wanna drive my own jaguar across those streets I've never been through.

Want to smell something new that may conquer me someday, but if I stay then that would be the mistake, float away with me, come on and drive with me, sing with me, live with me.

Just find yourself and everything will be easier... I don't mind going everywhere with love, love will take me anyway, without asking.

This orange I'm eating is full of juice, I like the fresh taste of it, but I'm also looking for something else, something that would fill me up like nothing can...
it's not you, it's my messy head.
I'm just a lover, a dreamer, a child.

So please hold my hand, cus I'm weak.

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